Economic Development

Small business is the foundation of San Antonio’s economy, and will be the driving force behind the future of our community. From the onset of this community, entrepreneurs have driven progress through innovation and a belief in endless possibilities. As we continue to move forward into the 21st century global economy, these small businesses are more important than ever. If elected to City Council, Cruz Shaw is committed to:
  1. Creating a partner in city government: Small businesses are already challenged with numerous regulations at the state and federal level. Small business owners need a partner at city hall and a partner in the form of city government. Cruz Shaw will work to make San Antonio and District 2 become the easiest place to start and grow a small business in the State. He will work to support small business incubators, develop lines of capital with trusted community partners, and improve access to and quality of the City’s small women and minority-owned businesses.

  2. Market our community: The Eastside of San Antonio is a wonderful community, and we have a tremendous amount to offer to businesses, small and large. However, for too long the community has been left out of major economic development initiatives. As your councilman, Cruz Shaw will fight to make sure that San Antonio’s economic development institutions continue to place a high priority on marketing District 2 for new business attraction. Cruz will also push to make sure that existing businesses in District 2 are fully developed for potential expansion opportunities. Creating a vibrant economy must be at the top of our priorities. We want a community where residents can live, play and WORK. We must bring high wage jobs back to District 2, and as councilman, Cruz Shaw will leverage all tools available to do just that.