Education and Workforce Development

A 21st century globally competitive economy requires a 21st century workforce. As San Antonio continues to thrive, we must ensure that the residents of District 2 have the opportunity to access that prosperity. Moreover, we must ensure that our businesses, large and small, have the workforce they need to grow and succeed. This is why Cruz Shaw will prioritize workforce development and education. As Councilman he will:
  1. Increase investment in workforce development programs to move people out of poverty: The City of San Antonio must continue to increase investment in high quality workforce development programs that leverage our existing assets like the Alamo Colleges. Through focused investments in growing industries, we can build a pipeline of talent that will put more of our residents into middle class jobs.

  2. Advocate on the state and federal level on  behalf of District 2: The City of San Antonio must continue to push state and federal leaders to invest in the future by investing in our people. Workforce development must become a priority at all levels, and appropriate funding should be allocated to get more people into middle class jobs with skills training.