San Antonio needs to develop the infrastructure needed to support a 21st century global economy. We must have the best physical and digital infrastructure to move goods and ideas quickly, efficiently, and in a cost-effective manner. As a city government, we must continue to prioritize these investments as our top concern, and as Councilman for District 2, Cruz Shaw will:


  1. Repair and expand our roads: Ensuring a strong infrastructure through fully functioning roads and corridors is the most basic job of city government. Unfortunately, District 2 has not received the attention or investment needed to ensure that all of our streets and corridors are up to par. Through focused investments on streets, sidewalks and drainage, Cruz Shaw will focus on a back to basics approach to making District 2 a vibrant community for residents and businesses alike. With these investments, our communities will thrive and businesses will have the necessary infrastructure to grow. Moreover, we will be directly investing the safety of our residents through complete streets with fully functioning sidewalks.

  2. Connect residents to high-speed internet: The 21st century is a digital century, and our residents and businesses need access to high-speed internet. As Councilman for District 2, Cruz Shaw will leverage the private sector to invest in fiber. Fiber optic internet is the fastest speed internet available in the world. By building partnerships with companies like Google and AT&T, Cruz Shaw will work to ensure that public investments are being made to build out the digital infrastructure in District 2. He will also expand access to free public wifi. The City of San Antonio has made significant investments into public wi-fi, but more needs to be done to ensure the residents of District 2 are able to access this service. Cruz will also work to expand and upgrade the digital infrastructure for our public schools. Our public schools are in desperate need of upgraded digital infrastructure. Cruz Shaw will work with the school districts to leverage the city’s resources to improve the quality and access to high-speed internet and computers for the children in our community. With this investment, we will be empowering our children to take advantage of the new economic opportunities developing in the 21st century economy.

  3. Invest in public transportation: World class city’s have world class public transportation systems. San Antonio has deeply underfunded our public transportation system, and the residents of District 2 have to pay the price. Many of our neighbors spend upwards of 2 hours a day riding the bus, because the frequency is so slow. This is unacceptable, and as Councilman, Cruz Shaw will fight to reinvest in a better public transportation system. He will work to make expand bus rapid transit, frequency of buses, and the number of routes in the community.