Public Safety

Public safety is a complex and multifaceted issue that requires comprehensive and complete solutions. As your councilman, Cruz Shaw won’t be afraid to get his hands dirty and will look to bring together leaders from across the community to develop a solution that works for everybody. No longer will we apply ‘band-aids to broken bones’ in an effort to win political points. It’s time for comprehensive solutions to be applied across the board. When elected to council, Cruz Shaw will:


  1. Ensure that our public safety dollars are put to good use: Cruz Shaw will work with organizations ranging from neighborhood associations, to fellow council members, to local law enforcement to ensure everyone has the resources they need to truly make a difference when it comes to eliminating crime from our community. 

  2. Support community policing efforts:  As a seasoned attorney, Cruz Shaw understands the legal system and is familiar with local law enforcement leadership. He plans to work with those same leaders to solidify a true partnership with the community they serve. Community policing only works when both sides trust each other. Cruz will help enhance communication channels already in place and ensure an effective process where citizens and law enforcement work together to make a difference in the communities they live in and serve.

  3. Develop proactive solutions to help stop crime before it happens: Attacking crime after it occurs is a reactionary measure. Cruz Shaw is also focused on developing proactive measures that will allow communities to stop crime before it happens. This involves empowering communities with the resources they need to connect with organizations in law enforcement, education, community organizations, and of course city hall, to reduce the opportunities for crime to develop in the first place.

  4. Reduce the stray animal population: Animal welfare has been a recently overlooked public safety issue and needs to be addressed in the same comprehensive manner as the other public safety components. Working with Animal Care Services (ACS) and the many independent resources to assist in reducing the amount of stray animals and assist in finding these same animals a ‘forever home’ will also help provide safety for residents who are often deterred by strays in their own neighborhoods.

  5. Work to reduce recidivism: A 2015 national report to the Texas Legislative Budget Board showed that 46.5% of adults are re-arrested within 3 years of release from prison and 62% are re-arrested from state jail. With juveniles, the number climbs even higher, with over 71% re-arrested within three years. While recidivism is a complex and multi-faceted issue, it is also one our community must aggressively work on solving by creating re-entry mentorship programs for those exiting prison and stopping arrests before they start through educational opportunities and training and stronger support through the expansion of programs like My Brother’s Keeper San Antonio. 














Image from the Port San Diego through Flickr Creative Commons.