Social Progress

San Antonio has a long history of being a diverse, vibrant, and inclusive community - values that are essential to a modern, progressive city. As San Antonio continues to grow, we must become the shining example. That’s why these values are central to Cruz Shaw’s candidacy. If elected to Council, Cruz Shaw will:

  1. Support increasing the minimum wage for city employees and city contractors to $15 an hour: With our city continuing to grow, it is important we provide our residents with the opportunity to thrive. By increasing the minimum wage, we not only help alleviate issues of generational poverty but we also give our residents more disposable income to live, work, and invest back into our district.

    While more work needs to be done to better understand the economic impact an increase to the minimum wage would have on the city budget, it is critical that we find a way to make it happen.

  2. Support the expansion of the Non-Discrimination Ordinance: While the 2014 expansion of the NDO and the creation of the office of Diversity and Inclusion were a positive first step in extending protective status to vulnerable groups, the city still has work to be done to ensure the protection of basic rights for all of its residents. As such, Cruz Shaw supports the expansion of the Non-Discrimination Ordinance to cover all classes of workplaces, not just those doing business with the city.

  3. Support comprehensive reform to ensure pay equality: Equal pay for equal work must be a foundation of any progressive 21st century city. Cruz Shaw not only supports reforms that would ensure equal pay for women but also for minority groups that are often forgotten in the conversation.

  4. Fight for immigrants and refugees: San Antonio has a history of being a diverse and welcoming city and given the current political climate, it is critical that our elected officials make it clear that they stand with our immigrant and refugee communities.

  5. Push for affordable housing: As a resident of San Antonio’s East Side, Cruz Shaw has seen first-hand what gentrification is doing to historic communities and as a member of Council, Cruz will fight for greater investment in affordable housing and tax controls to provide relief to those seeing community change. 

  6. Support the expansion of Pre-k for SA: With the state continuing to underfund education, it is critical that our city take the lead in investing in our children from the beginning. In order to help better prepare our children for the world of tomorrow, we need to start ensuring all children have the opportunity to thrive, today. That starts with expanding access for our low-income families to resources like pre-k for SA.

  7. Expand funding for city healthcare clinics and public health programs: Studies show that the single biggest determinant in your life expectancy is your address, and that’s appalling. With the future of the Affordable Care Act in jeopardy, a state unwilling to expand Medicaid, and a Care-link system that is tapped out of funding, it is critical that the city invest more money for public health clinics in order to create a healthier community.

    Beyond healthcare, this also means the city has a role to play in addressing food and literacy deserts and providing education opportunities for those who need it. Much of this work could come through partnerships with local nonprofit organizations, but the city must take the lead.

  8. Expand sick and parental leave: The United States is the only industrialized nation without parental leave. This is unacceptable and discriminatory. While Cruz believes that we should be fighting for the expansion of paid leave at the state and federal level, the City of San Antonio should lead by example and put an ordinance in place that extends mandatory sick and parental leave to all city employees.  Beyond maternal leave, this also means expanding access to paternal leave and leave for parents who adopt and foster. It is undeniable that longer leave leads to healthier outcomes for children and healthier children mean a healthier future for our city.

  9. Support water security: As citizens from across the country continue to move to San Antonio, it is critical that we continue to support all options to diversify and protect our water. As such, Cruz Shaw support projects like Vista Ridge, reclamation plants, surface water reservoirs, and the in-land desalinization plant and will continue to support watersheds and other measures to protect the Edward’s Aquifer. 

  10. Improve San Antonio’s air quality and natural environment: With climate change causing devastating affects across the planet, it is critical that we take measures in this city to help protect our residents, air, water, and natural environment. As such, Cruz Shaw will support measures on council that lead to a healthier future for all of San Antonio, residents and environment alike.

  11. Increase and diversify funding to VIA:  Progressive cities require strong public transportation, not only as a method to attract new residents to the urban core but to provide better options for those in our community who rely on their services every day. Investing more in VIA and alternative public transit systems, like expanding our bike share programs, mean more opportunities for our residents. As a start, we must restore the $10 million in funding to VIA. It will have an immediate impact at a low cost, and it is being matched with federal dollars.

    Beyond this initial investment, we must give VIA the full cent of the sales tax it could receive. Right now, VIA only operates on a half-cent sales tax which is not remotely enough to cover a city of this size.

  12. Support the development of rapid bus transit, light rail, and increased access to protected pedestrian and bike lanes:  This city is growing, and we cannot build our way out of it with more highways. The cost is unsustainable, favors investment in districts with more affluence, and encourages more sprawl, thereby further taxing our water and power systems.